4 Must Watch Thought-Provoking Documentaries on Netflix


In today’s digital streaming world where weekends and most week nights are synonymous with “Netflix and Chilling” did you know that besides binge watching ‘Stranger Things,’ Netflix is also a treasure trove of educational, thought provoking documentaries? 

We’ve made a list of 4 documentaries that we enjoyed watching and  impacted us in some way. 


  1. Sustainable 

Much like the name suggests this documentary highlights the importance of local produce and the impact the current food system has not just on the economy but also on the environment.


  1. Our Planet 

A beautiful eight part docs-series that explores the beauty of our planet. Makes you feel so grateful and fall more in love with the planet we live on. 


  1. The True Cost 

Possibly the most important documentary to watch in today’s times. This documentary details the sad human and environmental impact behind fast fashion. The True Cost is a hard-hitting documentary and really make you think. 


  1. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo 

An eye opening documentary on the importance of decluttering. Marie Kondo’s simple approach of ‘Keep it if it sparks joy’ is a great takeaway!


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