4 Step Skincare Routine for Beautiful, Glowy Skin

Who doesn’t want glowy and clear skin? With new skincare products hitting the shelves almost daily we wanted to give you a breakdown of the products that should be a part of your daily routine we’ve shared some of our favorites too! 

This is our daily 4 step skincare routine.


1) Cleanse - Probably the most important step in our routine. It’s important to cleanse your skin from the dirt, grime and the pollution that settles on your face. We follow a double cleansing approach. 

You start by cleansing your face with an oil or with hazel. This first step will ensure that all the makeup or anything else that has settled on the face will get cleansed off. We recommend doing this specially as part of your night time routine but it is also great to do in the mornings- it makes your feel a little extra awake! :) 

Our favorite cleansers are : Step 1 : Luaer Makeup Remover  or Vaunt Brazil nut + Rice bran Oil 


2) Cleanse again! - You can never cleanse enough. Once you have completed the first step you can now wash your face with your face wash. We have a few recommendations based on your skin type. Dry, Oily or combination- you can’t go wrong with these cleansers. 

Step 2 : Purifying Cleanser (Oily Skin), Hydrating Cleanser (Normal/Combination skin) and Rich Repair Cleanser (Dry Skin)


3) Hydrate - Moisturizer is important to make your skin look beautiful and keep it hydrated. Even if you have oily skin- moisturizing is very important to keep it healthy. These are a few of our favorite moisturizers. 

Balance Moisturizer (Oily Skin) , Multi-vitamin Super Hydrator 


4) SPF - We can’t stress enough, how important SPF is as part of your skincare routine. Probably THE most important step. Fun fact : 90% of how your skin ages is within your control and is a direct relation to sun exposure. 

The powerful UVA and UVB rays of the sun result in aging, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and of course, skin cancer, which is why wearing daily protection is crucial to your skincare routine. 

Look for Mineral sunscreens because the ingredients in most regular sunscreens can also cause harm to the skin. We can share more on this in another post. 


A few other things you can do weekly

Face Masks - They are so much fun and a great addition to make your skin feel even better. This is the mask we’ve been using lately and we’re a fan! 

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