Ancient Wisdom for the win!

Like most of our age old traditions and techniques are making a comeback the Kansa wand too has found its way into our lives. Known to be 5000 years old, this skincare technique is a big personal favourite. 

I have been using this wand for almost a year now and it has quickly become my favorite skincare ritual. I use it with a face oil and gently massage it into my face. It has helped reduce puffiness around my eyes and my jaw line, my face also feels more relaxed and I can feel like over time it has started looking firmer. 


What it does? 


The Kans Vetram (Kansa wand) helps plump and depuff the face and also helps soften any fine lines. When acids are released from the body while using the tool, it can cause grey residue on the skin. This means that the skin is detoxing and it can be easily wiped off with a soft muslin cloth or rinsed off with water. Ancient wisdom says that Kans is more healing than gold or silver and helps the body heal .

How to use? 

The best facial massage you can give yourself! Use a few drops of your favorite face oil and massage it in circular motions. 

  1. Massage the forehead - you can make the figure eight a few times. 
  2. Massage the jawline - this gives a lot of relief to tense jaws. Especially for those who clench their teeth
  3. Massage the cheekbones 
  4. Anywhere else that feels good and where you feel you need it! 


One side of my face has always been bigger than the other, it almost looks like one side is swollen but using the Kans Vetram massage has actually helped reduce the puffiness. It has been an absolute game changer for me!

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