I lived in the US for 8 years, every winter I would go to an ashram nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Boone, North Carolina. Despite the bitter cold, I deeply cherished the few days I spent there. It was as if the entire universe was on display from the mountain peaks to the deep valleys, the thick foliage to the birds that woke me up to their morning songs.


3 years ago after a few enriching days of winter spent at my most favorite place, I got on the freeway feeling so complete yet wishing I didn’t have to leave. Work began as usual and as it happens with most people, life took over and I started my countdown to my next winter in Boone. However, that year something was different. I wanted that feeling of being complete and one with the universe to remain and so I began to look for ways to find it in everything I did.


I recalled having a conversation with my grandmother - one summer while I was visiting home from college she was making me a jar of hair oil that I could take back with me - about her most used skincare and haircare recipes and the ones passed down from her grandmother. It fascinated me back then but this time I wanted to try her recipes myself.


And so my journey began, I majored in Chemical Engineering in college so I began experimenting with natural ingredients and few safe synthetics to make my own Clean Beauty concoctions. Some worked and of-course some, not so much but I continued my trial and error.


As I write this, the journey that was born out of pure desire to connect to the source, has manifested into something beyond my comprehension. We are all made from the same universal materials/ consciousness. Luaer’s offerings are rooted in the space we all come from. #backtothesource

- Pallavi Mohoni 

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