From Social Distancing to Digital Distancing

We continue to live indoors, but have we gone within? Work from home, e-learning, Zoom meetings, online submissions, coupled with Netflix & Chill are the most common activities in this period. While we do not have control over certain things like work from home and online lectures, here’s a list of a few things which you could engage in to reduce the screen time. 

  1. Read an actual Book - With ebooks, Kindles, and sites offering free books, a lot of us are hooked to our screens. Replace your e-copies with paperback books. Find those copies of fairytales from your childhood, the first book you bought, or the one your best friend gifted you and awaken the child within you.

  1. Play A Board Game - Gather your family members and play a board game. A simple tic tac toe or card game works wonders to build a good bond. 

  1. Hobby - Pick up your ‘left long ago’ or a completely new hobby to keep you engaged. Learn to crochet, stitch, or pick up that paintbrush and art sheets. There’s a lot of inspiration right outside your window.

  1. Meditate - Spend some time doing basic meditation. Start your day with Yoga stretches and breathwork

  1. Journal - The world outside is silent. There is no noise outside. This is the perfect time to introspect and do some journaling. Write. Note down your recurring thought patterns, maintain a gratitude book, write down your feelings.

  1. Be Free - Sing a song, Twirl in your room, Express. Be creative. Laugh. Discover the beauty in the mundane. See that tree outside your window grow. Observe the changes in the colour its leaves. Rejoice in the sounds of Nature.

  1. Declutter - Go through your cupboards and remove things you truly do not need. Empty your bags, sort your documents, tidy the table.

  1. Reach Out - Check up on your friends and relatives. Reconnect with people you have been out of touch with for a long time. 

  1. Relive Memories - Hunt for the photo albums. Look at your childhood pictures. Look at the wedding albums. Relive some memories.

Limiting screen time is important for our overall well-being. It not only reduces eye strain but prevents headaches, helps to increase focus, and improves sleep patterns. Digital detoxing has huge benefits on mental, emotional and physical well-being. Try to incorporate some of these into your schedules. 

Any more ideas? Do share them with us.

Happy Digital Detoxing!

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