Want even toned skin? Try Color Correcting

What is color correcting? 

Color correcting has been used for years by professional make-up artists. It is a simple technique that allows us to mask those red, green and purple hues that make our skin look uneven toned. Color Wheel

This color wheel will help you determine which color corrector will work best for you. In this case, opposites cancel each other out. 

So, Orange will cancel out blue tones dark circles, green cancels out redness and purple takes care of yellow spots. 


How to use?

The best way to use it is to apply a thin layer of the color corrector to the part that you which to cover, top it up with a brightening concealer (for the under-eye area) or your favorite foundation. 


Do's and Don't

  • Do apply a thin layer of the corrector
  • Do match your tones using the color wheel 
  • Do not use the corrector all over your face 
  • Do remember that you are beautiful with or without makeup. This is just something fun! 

Check out this video on color correcting

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