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 We believe in conscious and mindful consumption. In tune with nature, our processes ensure precedence of quality over uantity. Each seasn, we design our own textiles which are painstakingly woven by our talented partner craftsmen in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. Woven on traditional handlooms, the process of weaving consumes little to no electricity and no more that 5 meters of cloth can be woven in a day per loom. Our cotton which comes from Gujarat is one of the most water efficient types of cotton in the world.

Two things matter to us most; the quality of life we nurture for our partners and team members ad the experience we together co-create with each one of you. Our studio is located at Kala Ghoda in Mumbai from where we design, cut and sew our garments. It’s a happy place shared by our design team and production unit. We believe that people should be respected and treated fairly and it is these values that are at the core of how we conduct our business. We strive hard to create garments that are comfortable, sustainable and mindful. 
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