Our homegrown brands

We are passionate about living and celebrating a way of life that is expressive, unique and clutter free. The clothes we create give expression to the carefree wanderer in our hearts and the timeless mystique of India’s traditional craftsmen give us our soul.

In today’s life, where everything seems more complicated than desired, we go back to our roots of simple living and harmonious thinking. Our designs celebrate the stillness of mind, clarity of thought and underline our beliefs that a life that is wholesome and well balanced is worth living. With this outlook, everything we are surrounded by serves as inspiration; be it the gentle swaying of trees in the wind or the sweet sounds of chirping birds or the happiness and joy of waking up to a beautiful sunrise.
Founded in 2017 by Kunal Virwani & Aditi Mohoni, Aureole is born out of our deep felt urge for clothes that embody our thoughts and beliefs. The studio is located at Kalaghoda, in the heart of Mumbai.

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Rooted in simplicity and the desire to re-connect with mother nature, our selective range of offerings are natural, unpretentious and cured with love and care. Quality not quantity, being selective and not prolific, being honest and not pretentious are the guiding principles and the cornerstones on which Luaer is being built. Infinite wisdom passed down from our ancestors which celebrates beauty free of toxins and harmful chemicals is at the fore of our movement.

Our logo with the 5 lines and a full circle is an embodiment of these guiding principles. As per the Vedas – considered to be the world’s oldest written text - every human body essentially is made from five universal elements which are Earth (bhumi), Water (jala), Fire (agni), Air (Vayu) and Space (aakash). Also known as the ‘panchamahabhuta’, these elements maintain the balance of nature and it is this powerful mantra that guides everything that we do, with the five lines embodying the ‘panchamahabhuta’ and the full circle embodying the balancing whole that connects the continuous flow of energies between them.

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