Like a gentle whisper woven into everything we do, respect and kindness towards our dear planet is our guiding polestar. With an intention to add grace and beauty to everyday life, our products are made by kind hands infusing them with magnitudes of love. Our offerings are deeply rooted in culture and heritage and have been enriched by the learnings of several generations.

Hands of experience gracefully spin the wooden charka in a lyrical synchrony weaving fine cloth. Soft-footed movements on ancestral handlooms make for lyrical melody.

The process of weaving on the handloom is done entirely by hand. It is a laborious process where no more than five meters of textile can be woven in a day. Little to no electricity is used in its consumption. An ecosystem of dyers, yarn spinners and weavers are empowered by the process of hand weaving generating employment opportunities for men and women alike. We work with communities of weavers in West Bengal and Gujarat wherein weaving of textiles is a family affair engaging both men and women in its task.

Our cotton coming from the Kutch region of Gujarat is one of the most sustainable cottons in the world. It flourishes in the drought prone region with almost no water. We source our organic cotton

from vendors who are GOTS certified.We work with Government co-operations for our khadi while fine cotton muslin and pure silk comes from West Bengal.
Raw natural- undyed textiles find a permanent home in all our collections. For textiles that require color, AZO free dyes and herbal dyeing techniques are employed.

All garments are made at our studio in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai where complete attention is given to quality.

Textile scraps that are left-over from garment production are donated to Mahila Seva Sangh, Indore an NGO that provides employment to women and utilises these scraps in making biodegradable sanitary napkins.

Drenched in wellness and soft hues of grace. A sacred blend of fine ingredients from eternal fields, sown and cared for by humble human hands.

The poetry of our compositions reside in the ingredients we pick and consciously select. In universal rhythm, the earnest farmer goes about his daily task of sowing nurtured crops, fruit of which forms the soul of our offerings.

Our offerings are free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates and petroleum derivatives. Our formulations are rooted in the use of natural and organic ingredients and are kind to the skin. We source our ingredients carefully and ensure that everything that goes into our products is safe to use. We believe in clean beauty and do not test on our furry friends.