Natural Hand Sanitizer - Energizing Blend

Natural Hand Sanitizer - Energizing Blend

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Each product sold contributes towards a tree in our planting projects around India. This means that your choice can make a positive difference to our planet.


Unlike regular Hand Sanitizer, our special blends use the power of proven Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Septic essential oils & naturally occurring odour removing agents. This means no Alcohol, Parabens/SLS, Artificial Fragrances. It's even safe for kids!



Made from the goodness of Oranges, Pine & Sage - this refreshing blend of oils is reminiscent of a sweet summer's day.

  • Energizing Blend - Enhanced with Orange, Pine & Sage Essential oils
  • Eco-friendly, Handmade product, Vegan & Responsibly made
  • 100% Natural Ingredients, Alcohol-Free & Paraben/SLS-Free, Non-Toxic, Child-Friendly Formula
  • 50 ml eco-friendly pack, for use on-the-go
  • Each Bottle contributes toward tree planting projects in India

    Get Nature on your side with TreeWear's Hand Sanitizer. It is designed to gently moisturize your hands whilst removing harmful bacteria from the skin's surface.Made using 100% natural ingredients, it's totally Alcohol-Free, absolutely Paraben-Free, & formulated with Premium Essential Oils.